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The company was founded by industry professionals with a shared vision to bring the cinema experience into the home.

When immersive audio was first unveiled in 2011 by Dolby and Auro Technologies, it revolutionized the cinema-going experience. Our founders knew immediately that quality audio output was needed to convey the same impact in the home, and our engineers began to develop hardware that could enable audiences to playback immersive cinematic sound in the comfort of their own homes.

In the early days, StormAudio worked closely with Auro Technologies to develop a product that could playback Auro 11.1 content in the home. The collaboration produced an integrated multichannel device focused on audio quality. However, we wanted to give consumers flexibility and the ability to choose from the diverse immersive formats being introduced to the market.

Therefore, building on our initial design focused on audio quality, our engineering team began another 5 years of design and engineering research. Along the way, we listened to feedback from our customers, and we rewrote the rulebook to come up with a completely new architecture that is flexible and future-proof.