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Welcome to the world of OneNav

Wireless Technology
Whether you are an Android or Apple user, OneConnect keeps you connected to your phone, no strings attached – yes, no need to plug in. Using a wireless connection, the information on your phone will be displayed on your OneNav screen and the sound will come through your car speakers. Listen to your music or PodCast, make and receive phone calls, read your messages or navigate using your favorite app, it will all be there.

Immerse yourself in the music
Play your favorite music, podcast or audiobook OneConnect, or Bluetooth streaming. Make use of any of the 3 USB ports to listen to music from a flash drive or MP3player. So many options to enjoy music the way you like it.

Never be late...ever!
OneNav offers several navigation platforms including Waze®, Google Maps®, Apple Maps®, TomTom®, and more. Choose your favorite service provider, set your destination, and hit the road with peace of mind. Phone battery dead and you can’t connect? No problem. OneNav has a GPS antenna and comes with high-quality offline maps that will get you where you need to go.

Installation Convenience Reinvented
So you purchased your OneNav and OneX products, but you can’t tell the difference between a screwdriver and tire iron?
For your convenience, we offer onsite installation at your home or office. We also offer installation at one of our accredited dealers. FREE OF CHARGE!

Our staff handles all the admin for you and all you have to do is arrive to have your products fitted.