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The world's leading designer and manufacturer of Invisible Speakers. With a range of different construction methods and finishing techniques.

Why Invisible?
Increasing demand for integrated lifestyle technology combined with the associated ‘aesthetic clutter’ that it brings has led to a rise in hidden technology solutions. With 30% of brain power dedicated to visual stimulus and only 2% to audio, it is clear that the way we ‘see’ the sound greatly impacts how we perceive it. Removing the aesthetic aspect allows complete focus on the audio art-form as it was intended.

How does it work?
With the invention of VPT (Vibrational Panel Technology), Amina has taken the common loudspeaker design and replaced the cone with a flat panel. Instead of moving forwards and backward like a typical cone design, a VPT panel uses small vibrations to generate sound that can be heard but not seen. This allows for seamless integration of a loudspeaker into any wall, ceiling, or flat decorative panel with zero visual impact.