Multi-function Emergency Jump Starter

Code: SNT-806R

 Multi-function EMERGENCY Starting POWER PACK.

Jump Starter and Emergency Power Source. Jump start your bike, vehicle or SUV!! Charge your Phone, iPad, tablet and laptop. Comes with micro usb for Samsung S3, S4 and S5, and new iPhone 5 lightning connector.

Product Includes

  • 14 000 mAH power bank battery
  • Jump start cable attachment
  • 220vAC mains chargin cable
  • 12vDC “in car” charging cable
  • PC laptop charging  adaptors
  • 4 way cellphone chargin cable
  • Carry case
  • Instruction guide



Charge your devices, power your PC laptop, have a handy flashlight AND jump-start your car! All this and more can be done with this Multi-functional Emergency Jump Starter and Power Bank kit. Keep this product handy and be sure to never be out of power.

Portable power bank for electronic devices:

This multi-function car emergency jump starter has a high capacity battery to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones, media players, tablets, PSP’s, digital cameras, laptops, etc. There is no longer any need to worry about out-of-power devices while traveling.

LED torch function for emergency lighting:

The multi-functional car emergency jump starter has a high brightness LED lamp which has a 100m range, 120 hours of continuous lighting and several lighting modes: flashlight, strobe light and SOS distress signal. Modes can easily be changed by the simple press of a button.

High efficiency jump starter for emergency starting:

With a high capacity battery and ignition clamps this product can start many different types of motors such as cars, SUV’s, motorboats, motorbikes, etc. When fully charged it can perform multiple starts on your petrol or diesel motor.

This emergency power pack system can be used to jump start  your motorcycle, vehicle or SUV in the event of a flat battery.   It is also used to charge laptops, tablets, cell phones, cameras, GPS units, etc
All the necessary adapters and jump leads are supplied in the compact carry case.
The range of popular cell phones is charged via the USB port and the adapters that are supplied in the pack.
An LED display indicates the power available and the fully charged level.
As the battery pack uses a Lithium ION cell it does not go flat if not used for a few months.
The unit can be charged from the mains (220vAC) or by 12vDC from your vehicle using the “in car” charger supplied
There is a built in TORCH which can be used in the normal mode as well as a strobe and  “SOS code” method.

You can charge your Phone about 5 times OR Bluetooth headset 10 times off this device once its fully charged.